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Accurate Roofing provides expert installation and refurbishment of metal roofing in Truro. Metal roofing offers a durable and attractive alternative to other common roofing materials. While other roofing options require less initial investment, they often need frequent maintenance and have a much shorter life expectancy. Over time, the cost of metal roofing is actually fairly comparable to less expensive but short-lived roofing options, yet they offer a lifetime of beautiful, hassle-free protection for your home or business. Metal roofing is capable of lasting 50-60 years or more with minimal repairs or maintenance, and can withstand wind gusts of up to 140 miles per hour.

Metal roofing is treated with an extremely durable zinc and aluminum coating over steel, before being finished in a variety of colours and textured finishes. It will not crack, fade, corrode, warp or split. Metal roofing also resists extreme weather, insects, and fire, and installation of metal roofing can even lower your insurance premiums, while increasing the value of your home. Metal roofing can also increase energy efficiency by reflecting summer heat away, and reflecting winter warmth back into your home, reducing heating and cooling costs by up to 25%.

Metal roofing can be installed on top of your existing roofing, eliminating the labour and disposal costs associated with stripping an existing roof. Our skilled roofing crews have extensive experience with metal roofing installation and repair in Truro and the surrounding areas. At Accurate Roofing, we also provide metal roofing refurbishment services for commercial buildings. This process entails the application of durable, hi-tec roof coatings to worn, faded, and even rusting metal roofing for restoration, repair, and refurbishment, leaving them looking and performing like new again.

Accurate Roofing offers a wide range of designer colours, styles, and texture options for your metal roofing, allowing you to customize your roof to suit the architecture of the building and your unique style preferences. Metal roofing is available in styles that simulate the look of clay tiles, shingles, cedar shakes, and slate, while providing the durability and longevity of steel. Metal roofing is also available in styles geared toward commercial installations, such as standing seam and corrugated galvanized steel roofing.

Metal roofing is backed by a fully transferable lifetime product warranty, in addition to our own installation warranty, to give our customers even more peace of mind. For reliable metal roofing in Truro at a competitive price, call Accurate Roofing today, and we will be happy to offer you a free estimate on your project. We serve the following cities for outstanding metal roofing: Truro, Dartmouth, Halifax, Lower Sackville, Bridgewater, Kentville, and Windsor, and their surrounding communities.

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